• Connection

  • Collaboration

  • Craftsmanship

  • Conversion

One of the great passions of our work is sharing your passion for yours.
We want to know what makes you tick, so we can make design that clicks.

At Flywheel Creative, we believe everyone is creative. We believe teamwork produces the best design work. And we’re committed to being crazy about the work we do and whom we do it with.

Our process reflects all that. Whether we’re helping you brand your business, refresh your website, develop print pieces or craft your content, our process is client-centric, collective and catalytic.

For us, this is a contact sport: It requires trust, a spirit of camaraderie, hands on and no phone-ins. You might get a little dirty, but the impact we make together will be all the more powerful.

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We want you to succeed – especially if we’re involved. And we know the biggest successes come from the best connections.

So, like you, we’re selective about whom we choose to work with. We don’t take on new projects just because they’re there. We want to make sure we click.

So we want to get to know you, and you, us. We get together. We ask questions. We answer yours. Together, do we think we can create the spark/magic/chemical reaction that will get you where you want to go? If we all say Yes!, then it’s a match. Let’s go.

Want to test the waters first? Sure thing – we happily offer a complimentary consultation call. Just complete our quick-n-simple client profile, and we can schedule a time to start the conversation!


So we’ve decided to do this thing – time to roll up our sleeves. Prepare to engage; collaboration begets better brands.

First, we dig deeper. We observe, listen, research and study your business. We connect with your passion for who you are, what you do and why, and let your excitement inspire us. Together, we explore what makes you and your organization unique, and uniquely splendid.

Next, we drill down. We’ve tapped into your enthusiasm; now we’re going to help you tap into your inner creative. We may be the kids with the crayons, but this is where we hand you your very own box [yes, the one with the built-in sharpener].

Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to actually draw stuff. We’re here to be your medium – minds and spirits that get your vision, catch your passion, capture your creativity … then use our talents and experience to turn it all into great design that moves you forward.


This is the part of the process where we unite Tried-and-True and Next-Generation, and they have a baby named AWESOME. It’s where the magic happens, and not in a cheesy way. Unless you’re selling cheese.

We’ve powwowed all together; now it’s time for Flywheel Creative to bring the wow! Our team goes to work to design, develop and otherwise craft beautiful, brilliant work that represents your vision, your passion and your cheese – or whatever you may be peddling.

We follow the key principles of good design and use the freshest technology to produce swoon-worthy branding, websites, print pieces and messaging that your audience will fall for and you can fall in love with.


It’s lovely to have lovely design, but you want design that is much more than just a pretty face. You want design that works – communicating, convincing and spurring your audience to the action you desire.

So we don’t connect with, collaborate with, and craft awesomeness for you just to stand along the shore waving our hankies while you and your new awesomeness sail away.

We’re all aboard, for the long haul. We stay connected and continue collaborating, to ensure your market presence stays ship-shape and on-course. We make sure your marketing works today, and keeps on converting your target audience into advocates, members, contributors, leads, buyers, clients, or BFFs.

Consider us your Flywheel Creative conversion crew – just call on us, and you can count on a treasure trove of partnership value for many tomorrows to come.