The sweet words of success.

From energetic entrepreneurs ready to extend their reach to compassionate leaders working for the greater good, our clients are dedicated to their work and committed to their business. And they say the same thing about us.

Our highly collaborative, client-centered process allows us to develop meaningful, long-term relationships that result in impactful design. We get to know our clients – their needs, their struggles and their desires – so we can create design magic.

That’s what we hear from the folks who’ve been there and done that, anyway. Here’s exactly what they had to say.

Short version: THEY ARE AMAZING! Longer version: I have worked with Flywheel Creative on many projects over the years, and I can’t imagine finding a better agency for my business. Karen and her team are not only talented and expert, they’re a joy to work with. I really appreciate their customer service skills – they are professional, timely and good listeners. They are collaborative and thoughtful, and I think that is a big part of why they produce such great results! I also love their ongoing, friendly support. HIRE THEM!”

Katie Malinski, LCSW-S
“When I was ready to launch my first business, I chose Karen because she was the only designer I spoke with who truly listened to what I had to say. Two of my businesses are somewhat unique, and other designers didn’t seem to be able to think outside of the box like Karen does. As I began working with her, I realized that’s because she takes a truly collaborative approach; she becomes a part of your business team …”

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Gretchen McCord, Attorney

“After several years of successfully contracting with the team at Flywheel, we decided to strategically partner with them to execute our marketing vision. We felt that they were the only agency who truly understood our brand, vision and goals. This is one of the best business decisions we have ever made, and we are highly impressed with the results…”

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Anna Bergeon, CEO, Akamai Innovations
“Karen redesigned my website and provided exceptional creative, functional, and marketing solutions that exceeded my expectations. As a former art director, it was a scary prospect to turn the identity of my company over to another designer, but I was impressed to discover I could depend on Karen to manage the project from start to finish. Relieved of the hand-holding other designers have needed in the past, I was able to focus on my core business, As a small business owner, that was truly key for me.”
Robin Callan, Room Fu Interior Design

“I highly recommend Flywheel Creative for any and all design and marketing work. Karen and her team helped us with a rebrand, and they perfectly captured the essence of our business, creating a clever logo and tagline and taking the design of our marketing materials to a new level. We have an extensive e-commerce store, and they worked closely with us to identify our needs, deliver on time and on budget, and exceed our expectations. Carrie is a superwoman as well, always at the ready to provide friendly support and maintenance whenever needed.”

Carla O’Donnell, Moonlight Threads

“When I started my own business, the idea of creating and managing a website and marketing materials felt very daunting. Karen and her team made it an easy, fun and creative process. The team at Flywheel is professional, artistic, easy to work with and highly responsive to the customer’s needs. They designed a website and marketing materials that match my personality and vision perfectly with incredible talent and inviting warmth.”

Kelly Coulter, LPC

“I would recommend Flywheel Creative to anyone looking for a thoughtful, well-designed web site. Karen really listened to what I wanted and how I wanted to set my site apart from other author sites. The final product is everything I hoped it would be—beautiful, functional, and uniquely suited to my work and my personality. More than that, the process of bringing it to life and turning it over to me was collaborative and comfortable. Working with Karen on my site is one of the best investments I’ve made.

Lori Rader-Day, Lori Rader-Day

“When we came to Karen to “re-brand” we had no idea where we wanted to go; we just knew we wanted a change. At our first meeting she asked us a lot of questions about our likes and dislikes, and took copious notes. We gave her a few ideas on the types of colors we were going for but wanted to leave room for her own creative ideas. As it turns out she took the bits and pieces we left her with and created an entirely new concept for our logo, one that completely nailed what we wanted. The colors were perfect, the font was happy and crisp, and the added graphics captured the heart of our business. We didn’t even ask her to come up with a company slogan or tagline, but the one she offered was so unique and indicative of what we do, we built our entire web identity around it. If you need a graphic makeover, Karen will blow you away with her ability to “get” you. She’s kind, easy to work with, highly skilled and has wicked creative superpowers. I can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Laura Jenkins, AL Collective

“Karen understands your needs, executes the work professionally and on schedule, and is an overall pleasure to work with. She agreed to jump into a challenging business situation to complete a large amount of work with little time or guidance and literally saved the day for our organization. I give Karen my highest recommendation.”

Lisa Reed, Heart Gallery/Adoption Coalition of Texas

“Karen is incredibly creative with amazing ideas. I initially contacted her to design a logo … I was so impressed with her work that I have since enlisted her services for the website and business cards. I have other projects in the works that I can hardly wait to turn over to Karen so she can sprinkle her magic fairy dust! I foresee a bright future for our collaborations.

Amy Ford, Director, Parenting Across Color

“Karen is a joy to work with and the results are stunning!”

Jennifer Wyle, Hudson Meats/Klein Smokehaus

“My God, I love this!!! You are a genius. It captures everything I was hoping for.

Alan Weeks, Exec. Director, Austin Voices for Education and Youth
“You took what I said and made it way better – genius. To say that I absolutely positively LOVE what you have done would not do justice to how I feel. You are a design whisperer.
Catherine Storing, Image Consultant

“Karen is extremely talented, knowledgeable, and engaged. Her passion for design is matched by her professionalism and attention to detail. Highly recommended!”

Jason Stout, Art Director, The Austin Chronicle

“Karen brings to our projects a rare combination of design sense, web development expertise, and ability to talk easily and productively with the project team to help surface what’s important to them, both design-wise and related to site functionality. We always look forward to working with Karen!”

Susan McElhenney, I&O Communications

“Karen set the highest standards of excellence for herself and her department. She is creative, energetic, self-motivated, and always determined to produce the very best work possible.”

Liz Franklin, Controller, The Austin Chronicle

“Wow! Just. Wow!! You’ve rocked my damn socks.”

Melinda Massie, Melinda Massie Special Events and Consulting

“I worked with Karen for almost a year and have found her to be an absolute professional, a wonderful designer, and fun to work with too. Her finished product is solid and she’s someone I absolutely plan on working with again in the future.”

Joshua Chodniewicz, CEO, Moolala

“I am absolutely delighted to recommend Flywheel Creative to anyone who wants to launch or improve their business with an innovative website and fresh branding. Karen listened to me and captured who I am for my business. She gave me options and kept me on track. I respect Karen’s marketing perspective and followed her design recommendations. Working with Karen and her Flywheel team inspired me.

Sal Balistreri, President, Salvatore Balistreri Consulting