• Kristen Card Supreme Wordster

    Flywheel Creative’s lead writer Kristen Card, as you might guess, made up her own title. Truly, Kristen is an instinctive storyteller, and loves nothing better than crafting the telling of a story so that it moves people – to laughter, to tears, to action.

    Kristen’s past professional lives include stints covering Florida politics for public radio, flacking for Texas’ petrochemical industry, and spinning plates while riding unicycles [i.e., helping create corporate campaigns] for an international public-affairs firm. She is a longtime reader of The Austin Chronicle, but has never been paid for it.

    Today, Kristen specializes in helping a broad spectrum of clientele fall in love with their marketing – and helping their audiences fall in love with them. She believes story is how we create connection, and connection – not the Hokey-Pokey – is what it’s all about [not that the Hokey-Pokey isn’t a hoot]. She spends her copious free time hanging and jamming with her husband, two kids and three spotty dogs.