• Karen Barry Founder & Principal Designer

    Flywheel Creative’s leader Karen Barry is a multi-talented multi-tasker – but professionally, Karen is, at her core, a gifted designer. Her first love was the world of print, where she soaked up the principles of good design and great craftsmanship. But ever seeking evolution, Karen has always practiced her craft hand-in-hand with emerging technologies.

    She owns an actual letterpress. She built her first website in 1996. Enough said.

    Prior to founding Flywheel Creative, Karen spent many years wearing many hats at The Austin Chronicle. As the weekly’s production manager, she led a great team of designers and developers, art directed and managed an award-winning website, and collaborated with the top talent in the alternative press.

    Today, Karen spends her workdays designing, brainstorming, doodling, connecting, developing, building, coding, managing, nurturing, respecting, questioning, answering, teaching, learning, leading, leaping and growing. She spends the rest of her life hanging and laughing with her husband, Brian, and their son, Blaise.