• Carrie Lewis Senior Designer

    Flywheel Creative designer Carrie Lewis is a delightful dichotomy: the linear creative. Imaginative and structured, inspired and organized, Carrie balances the best of both worlds, and her design work – always thoughtfully artistic – does the same.

    Carrie cut her design teeth at The Austin Chronicle, where she was originally hired by Karen over a decade ago. Her time at the weekly newspaper has made Carrie great at creating layouts that maximize readability in minimal space, and introduced her to the concept of hard-core deadlines – she’s never met one since that she couldn’t beat.

    Carrie is passionate about typography and illustration, is a WordPress wonder, and believes if your message is smart and purposeful, it can travel straight from the eye to the heart. Beyond her work, she enjoys vintage movies and computer games [high-fives for Monkey Island mentions], reviewing local wines, tending her garden, and rearing two Buff Orpingtons and a Feather-Footed Cochin.